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At The Detox Center, we offer a number of alternative treatments for drug and alcohol addiction in addition to traditional detox services. One of the treatments we offer is a sound therapy program. A sound therapy program can help aid the detox process by alleviating pain and reducing stress. Learn more about our sound therapy program and reach out today to find out how The Detox Center can help you find the road to recovery.

What Is a Sound Therapy Program?

person at a sound therapy programSound therapy is an ancient practice that uses vibration frequencies to create positive changes at a cellular level.

The condition of substance addiction has a frequency that is low or abnormal and represents a state of illness. When going through the detox process, the client can feel varying levels of discomfort as the body fights to normalize. TDC uses sound vibration to help alleviate some of the discomforts that a client might experience while going through this process.

There are numerous benefits of sound therapy programs. The most common benefit is stress reduction. Stress is the main contributor to the uncomfortable process of detox, and the use of sound works wonders to help clients release this stress.

Sound therapy is an ancient practice of the use of vibrational frequencies to affect the human body and cause it to heal. It can be best understood via the scientific theory of cymatics, from the Greek word meaning “kyma” or “a great wave.”

Cymatics refers to sound frequencies or waves that emanate from a source, travel distances, and penetrate an object causing it to change on multiple levels (physical, cellular, molecular, emotional, mental, etc.). A healthy body’s sound frequency is normally stable. But in the case of an illness like addiction, it destabilizes a person’s frequency. Sound therapy can penetrate the human body and help to re-organize the body’s signature frequency to one of equilibrium.

Healing Vibration

Science tells us that everything in this world is in a constant state of motion and has a vibration. Humans are not excluded from this law. As a result, each one of us is vibrating at a certain frequency. Various outside factors and even our thoughts and belief systems determine the frequency at which we each vibrate. When any of these inputs change, our frequency of vibration ultimately changes.

Benefits of a Sound Therapy

This addiction therapy program is an excellent complement to the medical detox process. This is in large part because it can be used to help patients relax and distress. The benefits of lowering stress levels are many, and include:

  • Lowers blood pressure – Helps to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack
  • Reduces pain – As the muscles relax, tension and spasms alleviate
  • Reduces anxiety – A state of relaxation is initiated that also affects increased sleep quality and shortens the time periods needed for healing
  • Improves heart rate – As the heart rate slows, variability (HRV) improves which leads to less stress
  • Regulates limbic system – Leads to an increased sense of calm where the body reconditions itself to self-regulate and is less reactive to stressful triggers
  • Increases circulation – Results in better nourishment to the cells and body organs

Sound Therapy at The Detox Center

Reach out today to speak to a member of our team so you can learn more about how sound therapy can help you or your loved one. Contact usand take the first step towards recovery.