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woman getting holistic treatment at our Detox CenterFighting against addiction can sometimes feel like a losing battle. From the intense physical components of addiction to the lifestyle changes that contribute to ongoing substance abuse, overcoming a use disorder takes a great commitment to change and a new approach to healthy living. But you can win the battle more easily when you fight it on more than one front. And this is why the holistic treatment program is such an important part of the work we do at The Detox Center.

The addiction specialists at the Detox Center dedicate themselves to providing a foundation for a new life through alcohol and drug detox. And to this end, we offer medical and holistic resources to support the transition from addiction to sobriety. Our holistic approach and the addiction therapy programs are designed to complement more traditional avenues, encouraging overall wellness from the inside out. Available to all patients working with us, these opportunities enhance the detox process and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Holistic Treatment Programs @ The Detox Center

Yoga Therapy

A spiritual, mental, and physical practice that dates back thousands of years, yoga has been practiced around the world for generations. As a way to clear the mind, control breathing, and improve muscle control and physical fitness, our yoga therapy program targets all aspects of the body to improve overall wellness. Through this component of our holistic treatment program, recovering substance users can explore their internal motivations and build both physical and emotional strength.


An ancient Eastern practice that uses long, thin needles to target pressure points, acupuncture has strong ties to healing and wellness. Frequently used to target medical conditions ranging from headaches to infertility, acupuncture has long been accepted as a holistic treatment in the recovery process. Our acupuncture therapy program can be used to ease the discomfort that comes with withdrawal, calming side effects like nausea, muscle aches and cramps, anxiety and irritation, and insomnia.

Reiki Therapy

Our Reiki therapy program promotes relaxation and reduces stress through the practice of laying hands on or above a person. A trained Reiki specialist uses their palms to transfer energy and create a healing response in patients. This safe, non-invasive practice can also help individuals connect with their emotions. We have found that it is a particularly useful tool in treating addiction as well. This is particularly true in the early stages of rehabilitation, in which Reiki can help patients navigate the symptoms of withdrawal more effectively and gain the peace of mind they need for genuine, long-term recovery.

Sound Therapy

Some of the most stubborn impediments to sobriety are the anxiety, depression, and stress that so often accompany withdrawal. And holistic treatment modalities like our sound therapy program are designed to address these issues directly. In sound therapy, we use rhythm, resonance, and vibration to effect change on a cellular level. This lowers stress levels and improves emotional health. And this technique is particularly effective when utilized alongside other more conventional approaches, like individual or group therapy.

A Balanced Approach

At The Detox Center, our approach utilizes a balance of traditional and holistic methods to offer an effective, well-rounded approach to recovery. We provide a holistic approach to treatment. We do this through the use of medications to ease symptoms and ensure a safe journey, and also help you through withdrawal by using practices like yoga and massage to stimulate physical comfort and mental clarity. Above all, we aim to provide comprehensive addiction treatment that results in long-term sobriety.

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