Sound Therapy

  • Alleviating Detox Symptoms

    Stress & anxiety reduction

  • What is Sound Therapy?

    An ancient practice using vibration frequencies

  • Healing Vibration

    Change your frequency

  • Benefits of Sound Therapy

    Lower blood pressure, reduced pain and more

Is Sound Therapy Right for Me?

There have been several studies exploring the benefits of sound therapy, and many suggest that there are notable positive outcomes associated with this practice. At the Detox Center, we have found sound therapy to be an excellent complement to the medical detox process, particularly in terms of lowering stress levels and thereby lessening the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Although sound therapy has not been around long, many of our patients report improvements in their overall well-being as a result of the practice. And many practitioners find sound therapy an effective means of reducing stress, especially as compared to meditation, which requires a great deal more focus.

Sound therapy is not right for everyone — no treatment approach is. But if you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, it might be right for you. Find out more by contacting the Detox Center at 561-264-5881 today.

Sound Alleviates Detox Symptoms

The condition of substance addiction has a frequency that is low, abnormal and represents a state of illness. When going through the detox process, the client can feel varying levels of discomfort as the body fights to normalize. TDC uses sound vibration to help alleviate some of the discomfort that a client might experience while going through this process.

Through the use of sound therapy, we attempt to reduce stress in the detox process. Stress is a main contributor to the uncomfortable process of detox and the idea is to use sound to help reduce or alleviate some of this stress.

What is Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is an ancient practice of the use of vibrational frequencies to affect the human body and cause it to heal. It can be best understood via the scientific theory of Cymatics, from the Greek word meaning “kyma” or “a great wave”.

Cymatics refers to sound frequencies or waves that emanate from a source, travel distances and penetrate an object causing that subject object to be altered on multiple levels (physical, cellular, molecular, emotional, mental, etc.). A healthy body’s sound frequency is normally stable. But in the case of an illness like addiction, a person’s frequency is destabilized. Sound Therapy can penetrate the human body and help to re-organize the body’s signature frequency to one of equilibrium.

Healing Vibration

Science tells us that everything in this world is in a constant state of motion and has a vibration. Humans are not excluded from this law, and as a result, each one of us is vibrating at a certain frequency. The frequency at which we each vibrate is determined by various outside factors and ultimately our thoughts and belief systems. When any of these inputs are changed, our frequency of vibration is ultimately affected and can change.

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