Residential Addiction Treatment

With drug addiction and alcoholism impacting thousands on a regular basis, there is a higher demand for addiction treatment than ever before. In fact, over 19.7 million people in America above the age of 12 or older struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in 2017, according to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Despite this fact, only 10% of these people will receive treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Millions of people battle with addiction and need residential treatment to recover. Only 1 in 10 people receive the addiction treatment they desperately need.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment for addiction refers to long-term inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation center. Typically, a medical detoxification is necessary and occurs prior to the residential treatment.

Once an individual is safely weaned off all substances through an alcohol and drug detox, they will move on to the inpatient portion of treatment, which involves receiving individual counseling and group therapy from a team of addiction professionals.

Residential treatment involves residing on property for treatment. This allows each individual to get the most intensive levels of care because they will have on-site monitoring and support as needed.

How Does Residential Treatment Work?

Receiving residential treatment works by helping each person be removed from the environment long enough to get educated on the disease of addiction and work on developing a new way of life in recovery.

This inpatient phase of treatment is critical because once the substances are no longer in the body, a number of Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) may occur, including intense alcohol and drug cravings.

Cravings for drugs and alcohol can make someone who is in early recovery from addiction vulnerable to a relapse because of how intense they can get.

If these individuals have not developed healthier coping skills to practice when they are feeling triggered or have an urge to abuse substances, then they are likely to revert back to the same behaviors that brought them into addiction in the first place.

What’s the Next Step?

Why Is Residential Treatment Important?

Remaining at residential treatment is important because it helps each individual receive the immediate support that they will need as they come off the substances and learn how to remain free from drugs and alcohol long-term.

The early phase of recovery can be a vulnerable time. Even though an individual may have detoxed off substances, they can still be susceptible to relapse because the detoxification phase only addresses the physical aspect of addiction. This is why it is imperative to continue receiving treatment that addresses each aspect of addiction and addresses the underlying causes of the addiction.

During residential treatment, each individual will get to work with a team of professionals that will help them develop tools that they will need to use in order to stay sober long-term. This involves identifying negative patterns of behavior, learning about triggers, and discovering healthier coping skills to practice.

The services we have available to the South Florida community include:

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  • Painkiller Addiction Treatment

  • Prescription Drug Treatment

  • Barbiturate Addiction Treatment

  • Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

  • Opiate Addiction Treatment

  • Heroin Addiction Treatment

  • Methamphetamine Treatment

Our approach to detox is multifaceted, with services and treatments depending on the drug in question, history of use, overall health, and specific symptoms. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we strive to find a personalized solution to ensure the process of eliminating drugs from your life is as easy as possible. This may mean using over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, counseling, and even alternative therapy to help you best prepare for the next phase of your recovery.

Residential Treatment for Recovery from Addiction

A medical detox and residential treatment are both necessary to start recovering from any drug addiction. Whether an individual suffers from alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, heroin addiction, methamphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, or marijuana addiction, treatment is essential to get off the substances and develop the appropriate tools to remain sober long-term.

At The Detox Center, we believe in helping individuals who struggle with addiction each and every step of the way. From medical detoxification to residential treatment, The Detox Center is here to provide the support each patient needs to achieve long-term recovery.

If you desire a life without the crutch of any substance, then now is the time to get the help you need to recover from addiction. Please call The Detox Center now for help at 866-891-5917.

Let The Detox Center provide the help you need to begin your new life today.

Safe, Comfortable Addiction Treatment in Boca Raton

At The Detox Center, we are happy to work with those seeking guidance and support in recovery. Our services extend to patients across greater South Florida, from Delray Beach to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between, including Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Sunrise, and Parkland. If you’re ready for a new lease on life, we’re here to stand by your side. Contact us at 561-264-5881 to get started on your journey to sobriety.

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