Detox and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy increases the release of dopamine and serotonin while decreasing levels of cortisol in the body. Why is this important? Because replacing toxic substances with massage therapy sessions, as a natural source for dopamine and serotonin, the discomfort of detox in the early stages of withdrawal can be alleviated and in some cases dissipated.

Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters and ‘feel-good’ brain chemicals that flood the brain whenever a person gets a dose of their preferred drug of choice. Over a continued period of time and through prolonged substance abuse, these neurotransmitters have less of a feel-good effect on a person, while the addiction begins to deteriorate the body. The detox experience becomes challenging as the person is looking for the same feel-good brain chemicals to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, but they cannot be found.

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