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Alcohol is a drug

In many ways, alcohol is a social experience and a ubiquitous part of adult life for a majority of Americans. Nearly 90% of Americans try alcohol at least once in life, and roughly 50% have imbibed at least once in the last month. Entertainment and social life, especially for young people, is depicted as highly alcohol-centric –…

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Tools for Parents: Codependent No More

Historically, codependency has been used to refer to a person in a relationship with an addict. Codependency referred to their unhealthy relationship enabling the addiction. However, the current meaning states that it is a condition of sacrificing ones needs to take care of others. In this situation, the hardest part is detaching yourself from the…

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How Can We Respond to the Opiate Epidemic?

As of 2016, 116 Americans were dying from overdoses of prescription opiate drugs per day. This represents a steady year-over-year increase, beginning in the later part of the first decade of the current century. Today, the situation is even more dire, widely labeled an epidemic because of these drugs’ effects on communities in every region of…

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