Holistic Approach to Detox

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Traditional Detox with a Holistic Approach

The Detox Center has an overarching holistic approach to drug and alcohol detox. We provide care for our clients on a physical level while further supporting the detox process on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. We believe that these areas hold equal importance to the detoxification process and must all be addressed early on. We believe that when the human body is given everything it needs to function in the way that it was naturally designed, it has incredible power to accelerate its own healing.

Alternative Treatments as a Complement to Traditional Detox

We provide a traditional medical detox solution …. That utilizes…. And has been proven to be highly effective. We complement this traditional treatment with alternative therapies that have proven to be highly effective in supporting addiction patients through the detox process. The deployment of these holistic therapies allow us to meet and affect the client on the emotional level that can have a profound effect on the detox process and client’s long term recovery.

Stress Reduction

Traditional detox methods and medications can take a toll on the body. Our suite of alternative treatments are designed to alleviate this stress and keep the client focused and strong. Examples of our alternative treatments are…

Forward Thinking Medicine

The TDC approach to detox is helping to redefine what it means to completely detoxify the body from toxic substances, something we like to refer to as Forward Thinking Medicine. This is advanced way to think about drug detox and it is something that the majority of centers are not doing. We are truly committed to the holistic techniques to complement medical detox and believe in the efficacy of a comprehensive holistic program.

The Impact of Toxic Drugs

A healthy nervous system is important and supports our ability to function in the world, deal with life challenges with fortitude and a strong will. When someone is using toxic chemical substances or alcohol, the nervous system is essentially being compromised and broken down. If the body has accumulated significant toxic build-up here is what can result:

Holistic Drug Detox

We are dedicated to a detox program that addresses the entire being. Our integration of these alternative methods are done with the objective of complementing medical detox. Because the detox process is one that can be very challenging to the client, these treatments work well to alleviate the symptoms of detox. Removing stress and enhancing the client’s experience is an important aspect of our program. The vast majority of clients that experience a program like this one report higher satisfaction and motivates the client to not only complete the program but to actively participate. Both of these factors are highly important in the success of extended recovery treatment and maintaining a sustained life free of addiction after graduation from the recovery program.

What does the natural holistic treatment process look like?

These treatments are complementary to the core medical detox program and help deal with all aspects of the detox process beyond just the physical addresses the whole body system (emotional, mental and spiritual).

After an initial health assessment including blood work, the client begins the program with medical detox, which may include various physician prescribed FDA approved medications. As the client moves through their 10 day stay at TDC, they will be monitored by our staff and given further prescriptions of alternative treatments:

Our medical staff will provide continued and ongoing supervision and counseling available to the client 24 hours a day for the complete 10 day stay at TDC.

How do these alternative treatments help?

There are many benefits of alternative therapy treatments like yoga, meditation, sound therapy, diet recipes, juices and teas,. These treatments can expedite the detox process and more importantly prepare the client for extended recovery and treatment.

The focus of these treatments are to:

What can I expect?

Upon being admitted to TDC the client is processed and goes through various procedures:

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