Insurance and Payment

The most important next step in your life will be the decision to contact one of our treatment consultants. They are trained to properly assess your needs and provide a clear blueprint of possible solutions. Insurance issues and financial concerns can be seamlessly addressed by our team.

More Admissions Guidelines

Taking this major step of detox is scary and it takes courage. Part of the fear is not knowing what to expect or what will happen next. Below is a basic guideline that can demystify the experience.

Before joining us at The Detox Center, there are few hurdles we will need to clear together. A full medical history and psychological assessment will be conducted so that we may get a better understanding of you and your specific needs. Using this foundation, our team will be able to draft a personalized detox program.

What to expect?

What to bring?

The living spaces have been designed for luxury and comfort so that you may relax during your stay with us. Each bedroom comes equipped with storage closets for your clothing and other possessions. You are encouraged to bring those personal items that make you feel most comfortable and at home.

Here are guidelines that may help you plan what to bring:

Essential Items

Items you may not bring

Suggested Clothing

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